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Learn to play Flamenco with your Electric Guitar guided by Jaco Abel, artist and worldwide known musician.

Through this course, Jaco Abel will teach you all the techniques and secrets you need to become a true master of Electric Flamenco.

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Electric Guitar Jaco Abel Flamenco

Jaco Abel

Since the beginning of the new century Jaco’s music career has valued up placing him in a unique space in the International music scene: in 2009 he joined Lenny Kravitz in the inauguration of the "Magic Box" in Madrid (Spain), and a year later he participated as a soloist on the CD and documentary for the 50th anniversary of "Sketches of Spain" by Miles Davis, in New York.

In 2011 he was finalist for one of the most prestigious Flamenco Awards given by the National Flamenco Press in Spain, with his CD “Ayaya”. Later on Jaco was invited by the Maharaja of Jodhpur in India to the first festival "Flamenco Roots" (2014), in collaboration with the original Gypsies from the desert of Rajasthan.

One of another of Jaco’s landmark occurred recently in 2016, leading as Director the International Tribute to Camaron de la Isla, in Dresden, Germany, with an awesome staging with projection of paintings by Lita Cabellut, currently catalogued as the World’s most quoted woman painter.

Foto: Michael Weintrob

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